Open letter by Rishi Kumar sent to the following organizations:

  • National Women’s Political Caucus,
  • Democrat Activists for Women Now (DAWN),
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC,
  • Human Rights Campaign and
  • Democratic Women’s Club of Santa Cruz County.

Your organization has endorsed Rep. Anna Eshoo for the upcoming Congressional election in the 18th District. I believe that this is a mistake and that I, Rishi Kumar, WILL better represent women’s interests than Rep. Eshoo has done so in her 28 years as our U.S Representative.

Five years ago I stood with community leaders, and activists, supporting the Recall of Judge Aaron Persky to spotlight Judge Persky’s miscarriage of justice in the Brock Turner case. Judge Persky’s decision to issue a mere six month sentence to Brock Turner for a violent sexual assault brought a disturbing pattern across our country into clear focus. Strangely, Rep. Eshoo supported it and voted NO to recall Persky. This clearly differentiates Rishi Kumar from Rep. Anna Eshoo. As you know, Judge Persky was successfully recalled by the voters of Santa Clara County.

As our Congresswoman, Anna Eshoo came out against the recall and supported Judge Aaron Persky, Rep. Eshoo’s decision to side with power is yet another example of her outdated values. Don’t we consider rape a serious crime? We believe in justice irrespective of privilege and power. We have to send a clear message to all men and women that victims of sexual assault will not be forgotten and that justice will be served to those who have committed such heinous crimes. I stand against sexual assault crimes and stand for the culture we seek to promote in our communities. To support the Me Too movement we must fight for the rights of sexual assault/ sex trafficking victims and work vigorously to prevent such crimes

Furthermore, Rep. Eshoo was one of only 25 members who voted against the Stop Enabling Online Sex Trafickers Act (SESTA/FOSTA). She even voted against HR 1960 in 2013, an act that makes it easier to punish sexual assaulters in the military while providing protection and counseling for assault victims.

I support these efforts in fighting sexual assault, and will always fight to protect the innocent, and to prosecute rapists to the fullest extent of the law. And I will always differ with Rep. Eshoo on such bills — as our run is for the people, not special interest groups. That is the cultural shift that I seek to bring to Silicon Valley and America.

Anna has proven that her loyalties lie with special interests and not with ordinary citizens. “Rep. Anna Eshoo, House Health Subcommittee Chair, has taken more pharmaceutical money than any other representative. She has sponsored legislation backed by the pharmaceutical interests funding her campaigns.” — Donald Shaw, Money-in-politics reporter, co-founder of Sludge Magazine.

As your congressman, I will work for you, not for special interests. I have pledged to reject PAC money and Special Interest Group campaign money. When it comes to crime, I will continue working tirelessly for safer communities, for victim’s rights, and equal justice for all.

I humbly request your consideration to overturn your endorsement of Rep. Eshoo and for helping me take this fight to Washington.


Rishi Kumar

Candidate for U.S Representative, CA-18

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