Do you recall when an elected congressional member of our district held 3 face to face town hall meetings a month? In the past year, Rishi has met with neighbors in each of the 31 cities of our congressional district and has held 3 town hall meetings every month — one in each county. He also holds a weekly “Rush Hour with Rishi” video call.

America needs the right kind of leadership. Rishi has a people-centric agenda and will independently make choices..not at the behest of lobbyists. Rishi has! Rishi has met with neighbors in each of the district cities of San Mateo County to get a keen sense of the issues facing every city and every neighborhood.

What differentiates Rishi from Congresswoman Anna Eshoo:
Rishi has taken the pledge to not accept any special interest, PAC, or lobbyist dollar — his allegiance is with the people, not those trying to buy our elections. Congresswoman Eshoo is the #1 career recipient of campaign contributions from Big Pharma in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Will elected leaders who accept all this money be able to truly represent the people?


Read this report..Begins quote: “Anna Eshoo’s record on drug prices is terrible, and the reason why is obvious,” David Mitchell, founder of Patients For Affordable Drugs. “She’s taken enormous sums of money from drug corporations, and she does their bidding in Washington.”

“….and Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Cal.) — the chair of the Energy and Commerce panel’s health subcommittee — have each continued to accept contributions from PACs affiliated with companies including Pfizer, Amgen, and Novartis throughout 2019”

“Patients for Affordable Drugs Now last year even sank $500,000 into ads attacking Eshoo for receiving drug industry money. “

“Democratic lawmakers’ continued willingness to accept pharmaceutical industry campaign contributions also comes despite a climate in which voters have come to dislike the pharmaceutical industry more than any other, according to a recent Gallup poll.”


To get a view on how Rishi put the people of our district first, please watch the video below
Too often our politicians recite planned talking points and rehearsed speeches, without giving any real substance to their plans to better the quality of life of those they are seeking to serve. That’s why Rishi has been running a different kind of campaign — one that puts the residents of our district first and the critical issues our families face on a daily basis. Rishi is committed to listening.
RISHI’S ACTIVISM: As a Saratoga City Councilmember, Rishi took on an investor owned water utility company and helped reject, reduce and suspend seven of their rate increase proposals that would have adversely impacted a million residents of Silicon Valley. Here is a video of Rishi’s speech at a CPUC public hearing (11/17).

RISHI DROPPED BURGLARIES: Rishi also focused upon neighborhood crime which has become a significant source of concern in every Silicon Valley city. Click on this link to download a safety tips sheet specifically geared for your city. As Saratoga’s councilmember, Rishi stemmed the tide on increasing burglaries. Watch this video to learn how Saratoga crime dropped by almost 50%


We hope we can earn your trust and your vote for the March 3rd primary election.

Choose the candidate that will truly represent the people.
Please do not hesitate to call or set up a time to talk about the race and the issues impacting you

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