Not a debate..a fantastic issues based dialogue

A few seconds before the debate began

Yesterday was a tremendous honor for me! A proud moment to be on our political system’s debate stage; representing a people-centric agenda, expressing some very original thoughts devoid of partisan politics. We sifted through flamboyant talk and smoking mirrors, to point out the fiction and myth. The failures too!

We nailed it during the discussion moderated by the LWV! Our politicians of today game the system, mostly because people don’t pay attention and keep getting re-elected. It takes a serious challenger to discover, uncover and lay out the facts from the “throw dust into the eyes” fiction. This is what 3rd party entities have been talking about for years, but no one was paying attention. Read on…

We made some very good points throughout the hour-long discussion. Below is a summary.

Please stay tuned for the video. The LWV will release it soon.

Point #1: At the candidate’s forum, Congresswoman Eshoo said she accepts PAC money (total $745,000) to pay for lawn signs and stamps. We take $0 from PACs and Special Interest Groups and are running a great campaign, powered by thousands of volunteers, for the last 18 months. As far as I know, Rep. Eshoo has not been campaigning a whole lot. Lawn signs cost ~$3000 and a stamp $0.49. We made a point, that politicians who respond to PAC money, ultimately respond to the PAC’s agenda. They are bought! I will NEVER be bought! On the city council, I rejected developer money. Politicians should do the right thing.

This is exactly the story playing out here in our district.

Point #2: Congresswoman Eshoo was proud of her endorsements. Endorsements are hollow. We pointed out: Why would she get an A-rating from End Citizens United when she has accepted so much of this dark money? We have refuted almost all of Congresswoman’s endorsements here.

Point #3: Congresswoman Eshoo was found very weak on Climate Change legislation — 3 weak bills in total that has not caused even a ding with climate change. Rep. Eshoo said she cosponsored the Green New Deal. This is how politicians create the wow effect and have done not a whole lot. Cosponsorship does not mean much as we have 101 co-sponsors of this resolution. What original impactful bills were initiated by her? The original sponsor(s) of the bill — who innovate and construct the scope of a bill — typically try to get as many cosponsors to legitimize their support and move it to the next round.

Point #4: On transportation, Congresswoman Eshoo said she will bring the high-speed rail to Silicon Valley. Really? Out of touch? We have a pragmatic vision plan that has been missing from Rep. Eshoo’s agenda and America so far.

Point #5: A missing fire plan. What did Rep. Eshoo do as the elected leader? See below

Here are fe more insights from neighbors who watched the whole thing


  • Fires — Eshoo talks about no fire plan for 100-year but didn’t offer a solution to get one. The problem is government neglect and constraints by environmentalist.
  • Nomination of Barrett for Supreme Court — Eshoo doesn’t know her history or constitution on appointments.

Eshoo — What has she done that’s notable?

P.S. I’d think after 28-years, that Eshoo could finish a sentence without “ah…ah…” She talks about the problems but not her solutions.

INSIGHT #2 — Rep. Eshoo has depth?

She acted professionally and most people will not get that deep into her answers for lack of depth.

“Eshoo was clearly not prepared — presumed weak opponent. You came well positioned to articulate strong weakness / points /w justification/numbers. Which put you on top.”

INSIGHT #3 — Rep. Eshoo just follows Pelosi

I watched the Rishi/Eshoo debate from start to finish. Congratulations to Rishi on a very strong performance! He clearly had a much firmer grasp on the facts than Anna. I made a donation to his campaign and I endorse Rishi’s candidacy.

In my research, I note that Anna votes with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time, unlike Ro Khanna and some other Democratic House members who think for themselves and occasionally vote differently. Anna seems to be nothing more than a ‘rubber stamp’ for Nancy rather than an independent thinker. You can see it here:

The debate really shined a light on the difference between the candidates. Rishi was the winner

INSIGHT #4. A Rep. Eshoo supporter switches side.

I have voted for Anna Eshoo over and over again, and watching this debate, I have to agree that Rishi was prepared and came out strong. I especially like his plans for unlocking the traffic gridlock pre-Pandemic, we all experienced-and once Covid-19 is over, will likely re-experience. With so many people at home and off the highways, it is too bad Rishi’s underground transportation system couldn’t be under construction right now. We do need some younger leaders with more innovative ideas. As my Saratoga City Councilman, Rishi Kumar has re-invigorated neighborhood watch programs, listened to countless residents concerning their immediate needs, organized our youth into activities that will prepare them for college and beyond, and follows up on his words, putting them into action. While I was fully prepared to send Anna back to Washington, Rishi’s answers during the debate won me over.

Congratulations Rishi Kumar!

INSIGHT #5 Rep. Eshoo’s failure with fire.

I have to agree with you that Anna Eshoo has become way to complacent. She did get the CNA (Critical Needs Assistance) filing cut-off from FEMA for our CZU wildfire extended one whole week. Most folks caught in the so-called “mandatory evacuation” thought they would end up in a sleeping bag at our County Fairgrounds, in Watsonville, (in the midst of COVID-19), so we went to our friends and relatives instead. Some went as far as Morgan Hill to stay in retail lodging, and were charged, but not reimbursed, by either where they were staying, or FEMA?

Many, many folks did not even know about the $500 grant for CNA, despite it being extended only a week, by Anna.

When they did find out, on the 13th of this month, it was already too late to file? FEMA is reputed to help those affected by natural disasters, and, with nearly 1,000 houses lost, one might erroneously hope for some help?

This problem was created by FEMA not reaching out and stating that $500 grants were available? Those worst affected were the elderly who have resided here for decades, who are already financially challenged, live where there is only dial-up access to the internet, or cannot make it to the library to get online? My 82 year old friend had problems with his old computer and missed the filing date by the time he sorted it out? My 78 year old friend got pushed out of filing because all she has is dial-up, and could not get to the library. Another mid 60’s long time resident did not even hear of it until after FEMA closed out filing?

This fire took so long to get some containment that many were stranded away from their places longer than the extended filing cut off? A September 12 cut off was ridiculous when so many were not even allowed back to still standing houses because there was no water, or no power, or trees blocked their access.

And even then, with burnt up cell towers, their phones were useless.

Should you communicate with Anna, would you be kind enough to let her know?

And prod her to get it reopened for a month?

Best wishes in your effort to replace Anna




@rishikumar1 US House candidate, CA-18 Proud Democrat, Candidate for Congress in #CA18, Saratoga City Councilmember, Hi-Tech Executive, #NoPACMoney #GND #M4A

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Rishi Kumar, Candidate for U.S Congress CA CD18

Rishi Kumar, Candidate for U.S Congress CA CD18

@rishikumar1 US House candidate, CA-18 Proud Democrat, Candidate for Congress in #CA18, Saratoga City Councilmember, Hi-Tech Executive, #NoPACMoney #GND #M4A

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