Product Comparison

Here is a side by side comparison between Rep. Eshoo and Rishi Kumar; the policies, work ethics, and the track record. Watch our Candidates Forum video.

If you haven’t voted yet, then this weekend might be a good time as any. I will be honored to have your vote and will serve with integrity.

I will be fearless, and will challenge the system — just like I have done here in Saratoga.

Rep. Eshoo is in her 28th year, but has only passed 4 bills into law. Two bills renamed a post office and federal building. Another redesignated a month as National Scleroderma Awareness Month and the 4th modified provisions to determine payments at children’s hospital. Ineffective legislations.

But there is more. How about legislation that does not favor people. She introduced legislation that favors Big Pharma, not people, giving pharmaceutical companies 12-year exclusivity periods for biologic drugs, beyond the length of their patents, to protect them from competition by the generic drug industry. Why would anyone do that? Well, she’s the top recipient of Pharma money in the House of Representatives, while she chairs the House Health Subcommittee. This is a huge conflict of interest. After the Stanford Daily shared their concern for Rep. Eshoo’s ties to Big Pharma, Rep. Eshoo herself ADMITTED to receiving millions from the industry while justifying it. We don’t buy the justification. It’s time to stop making excuses.

This is the reason why we have refuted Rep. Eshoo’s endorsement by End Citizens United, along with many others. Unlike Rep. Eshoo, I refuse PAC and Special Interest Group money — not just for this race — for perpetuity.

On the city council, I have consistently rejected land-developer money. It made it easier for me to respond to the people challenges without any undue influences. I will not change my stance on the influence of money in politics. From day one, I’ve said what every elected leader in America needs to say: no corporate PAC money, no special interests, no lobbyists. Because our democracy is best when it’s responsive to YOU, the American people.

I will serve with integrity — there is no other way for me.

I would be honored to have your vote.



Rishi Kumar, Candidate for U.S Congress CA CD18

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