Marching forward, taking the high road

This race has not been easy. When you challenge a 28-year Democratic incumbent, you tread on a road that is not traveled, and you are also an easy target. The establishment of Silicon Valley has cast aspersions, made up false rumors, and pressurized people to pull endorsements. Our lawn signs for example have disappeared — while other lawn signs next to ours are left untouched.

VIDEO: Not sure why a volunteer of Rep. Anna Eshoo wanted to stand behind a conversation we were having at an #RBGforever rally in Mountain View. Of course, only the sign was present, Rep. Eshoo was absent and missing. Interestingly, she kept chasing us all through the rally. We treated her with respect and kindness.

Even news reports targeted us with “an axe to grind.” There were moles planted within my Fellowship program during the summer, who were taking our campaign data and twisting it around for nefarious purposes. We experienced constant NextDoor attacks! Nothing surprised me; this is exactly what I have been dealing with politically for years. In 2013, when I won the Executive Board and Delegate position, the establishment insiders refused to accept my victory, deeming me as an “outsider” that they hoped would “just fade away”. People were genuinely displeased about my win and I couldn’t understand why. I will probably write a book on all of this someday.

That is the unfortunate nature of what is wrong with politics today. There are too many gatekeepers, and the wrong people inside. This is the reason why Rep. Anna Eshoo has not had a serious challenger in 28 years. Yes, they don’t make it easy! It’s been a constant struggle for me to push forward in this race, get endorsements or to raise money. But I have done it with my head held high and always played the ethical game. I run because I care and I seek to bring integrity into politics — to make it easier for the next “Rishi Kumar” to tread this path of political integrity. I do not today have the fancy endorsements and PAC money of Rep. Eshoo — but please see why we have refuted her endorsements and why they have a hollow ring. And we will NEVER accept money from PACs and Special Interest Groups.

The recent discussion on such topics with Rep. Eshoo over zoom was my opportunity to raise some of these very issues. It was the culmination of 20 months of our grassroots campaign, over a thousand volunteers, over 50 town hall meetings, over 100,000 doors, and a million phone calls, engaging diligently with Silicon Valley’s challenges. I have personally visited neighbors in each of the 31 cities and census designated places that includes corners of Santa Cruz and San Mateo County that our congressional leaders have likely never stepped foot into. During the pandemic, we called 86,000 seniors offering help with groceries, medication and masks. Hundreds of our volunteers helped thousands of neighbors. That is the diligence I will bring as your next Congressional Representative.

Our Congressional District deserves better! After this discussion, the contrasting tale of two candidates was stark; apparent were the lack of accomplishments and the out-of-touch nature of the failed 28-year incumbency.

Please have an open mind about our run. I am keenly invested in solving the challenges of every resident in each of the three counties. I am not a career politician and I bring pragmatic real-world perspectives. We are the only ones who have taken the time to publish detailed policy papers on our website.

I invite you to put up a lawn sign, contribute to our campaign, or volunteer. We are pushing hard to shift the politics in Silicon Valley. As you vote over the next few days, please think it over very carefully — the same policies, partisan politics of an old guard Washington insider career politician, or would you like to take Silicon Valley in a new direction with the real world perspective? Let us win and together we will get a lot done. I am ready to serve. See Jon Sakoda’s tweet below.

I would be honored to have your vote and support.

  • Rishi Kumar

My run seeks to bring ethical integrity into politics by NEVER accepting PAC money or Special Interest Group money.. I bring a result-driven outcome to challenge the Washington status quo and divisive partisan politics. America is ready for a new leadership.

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In solidarity,
🇺🇸 Rishi Kumar 🇺🇸
Candidate for United States Representative, California’s district 18



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