Elected leaders should stay forever

COVID-19 is an unprecedented pandemic that threatens modern American society, and without new energy and new leadership, we will fail to break from the tight grip special interests have on our government. This was a topic of discussion at my recent policy discussion with Rep. Eshoo at the League of Women Voters Candidates Forum. Watch the video here

While the COVID-19 crisis may be recent, we have had the means to lessen its impact for years. Americans have been crying out for solutions to healthcare, the economy, unemployment, healthcare, traffic, housing and homelessness. Too many of our elected officials today are career politicians who have grown out of touch with the lives of their constituents. Their desire to serve the people has turned into a comfort with partisan politics.

Did you know that Congresswoman Anna Eshoo is in her 28th year in office? In 28 years, she has rolled out only 4 policy bills that became law. Two bills renamed a post office and federal building. Another redesignated a month as National Scleroderma Awareness Month and the 4th modified provisions to determine payments at children’s hospital. Not good!

Our California State Legislature provides reasonable term limits in both houses that allow for a representative to gain experience over time but not stay long enough to become stagnant. We should do the same in the United States Congress. Term limits will alleviate corruption by ensuring political turnover. It will bring a new energy and new leadership to Washington interested and invested to get things done. That is why I proposed a life time term limit — two terms — for our city council.

I bring a new vision for Silicon Valley and solutions to our challenges. I have a proven track record of working hard for the people of Silicon Valley, as a tech executive, as an engineer, as an elected leader, as a community organizer/volunteer, and as an activist. I am keenly interested to solve problems with a pragmatic, results-driven approach.

Rep. Eshoo was elected before the Internet. Since then, there have been incredible transformations that have happened right here in the Valley. How is the economy going to handle the automation with AI/ML? What about the pandemic — how is America going to handle the stress over the next few years imposed upon every dimension? How about getting America pandemic prepared with healthcare technology such as telemedicine, health analytics, EMR systems? We need energetic in-tune leaders who can tackle the problems Americans face today. We need regular Americans with real world experience — people who care about their communities.

My campaign is a grassroots campaign fueled by everyday people within our district. So, when the COVID-19 crisis hit, I decided to suspend my campaign and focus on helping our neighbors. We called 86,000 seniors helping them stay quarantined by helping them with groceries and medications. We launched the Neighborhood Pandemic Preparedness Team which identified neighborhood leaders and ensured that volunteer help was easily accessible to all. Hundreds of our volunteers helped thousands of neighbors.

In 1998, Rep. Eshoo’s campaign video claimed she would challenge the “sacred cows of Washington.” 28 years later, she has all but become one. She has failed to create lasting change, failed to stand up to the establishment, and failed to codify the pandemic plan that she claimed to have been working on for 15 years.

America is at an inflection point, and with the right choices, we can set our country back on track. I will never accept money from corrupt special interest groups to ensure I will represent your interests, not special interests. I am ready to serve you with integrity.

I would be honored to have your vote.

Watch the video of the recent candidate’s forum below.

In solidarity,
Rishi Kumar
Candidate for U.S. Congress, CA-18
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Rishi Kumar, Candidate for U.S Congress CA CD18

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