I remember the day like it happened yesterday. I walked towards the American consulate in Mumbai with trepidation. I had just gotten off the bus, passport in hand. It was the rainy season and cloudy skies over me. As I neared the consulate, I saw the American flag fluttering and my heart leaped. There was something magical about it! Today, my dreams were either going to hit the stars or be shattered. I could barely think straight as I walked through the door into the air-conditioned comfort and calmness of the consulate, soaking in the special fragrance of the interior…

Here is a side by side comparison between Rep. Eshoo and Rishi Kumar; the policies, work ethics, and the track record. Watch our Candidates Forum video.

If you haven’t voted yet, then this weekend might be a good time as any. I will be honored to have your vote and will serve with integrity.

I will be fearless, and will challenge the system — just like I have done here in Saratoga.

Rep. Eshoo only has 4 trivial bills in 28 years ?

I did not believe it when it was brought to my attention. I called a Washington Congressional Representative. This is what I was told, “No way Rep. Eshoo has 49 Bills. Clear standard in Congress is bills in your name. Cosponsorship does not matter.” Congress.gov is the single source of truth. Do not trust anything else. Click on the link above — see for yourself.

But let us talk about my track record: Why did someone like me win with the most votes in Saratoga’s election history — beating…

From: 🇺🇸 Rishi Kumar 🇺🇸

Subject: Agenda: CUSD Actions to Build Long-term Fiscal Stability

Date: October 28, 2020 at 4:08:02 PM PDT

To: cunningham_lori@cusdk8.org, leong_sylvia@cusdk8.org, liu_jerry@cusdk8.org, madhathil_satheesh@cusdk8.org, vogel_phyllis@cusdk8.org

Dear Board members,

As a Saratoga councilmember and a candidate for U.S Congress, I am writing to urge you to do your utmost to keep Blue Hills Elementary open.

This is a high performing school, with engaged parent volunteers and a very successful STEAM program.

It would be disruptive to say the least for the lives of these young students.

They have discovered friendship, found community ship and this school has established…

As an elected leader, I always believe in taking on the tough challenges. The rate increases of San Jose Water was one them — a significant challenge for the cities of San Jose, Los Gatos, Campbell, Monte Sereno and Saratoga. My work began August 2016 and continues today. Long story short, with some innovative measures, we have either rejected, reduced or suspended 8 water rate increases. Here is my speech at a CPUC hearing in 2017. This is the reason why I was re-elected with the most votes in Saratoga’s election history.

So, here is my short explanation of…

From the day we announced this run on February 14, 2019, our run had been constantly undermined and even under threat. It continues to play out.

Mercury News has endorsed Rep. Eshoo for reasons that have no merits.

WORRIED AND NERVOUS? Our run had been ignored for 20 months until October 28th, 2020. It seems that after we brought up the simple fact about Rep. Eshoo’s 4 trivial bills in 28 years in a district wide email on October 20th, we not only saw a nervous Rep. Eshoo email an explanation to her email list (strangely with no hyperlinks)…

Dear neighbors,

We are racing to the finish line and are excited about election night. We are 8–0 so far and want to hold the winning record.

I am very proud of what we have accomplished in the last 20 months; over 50 town hall meetings, 100,000 doors, and a million phone calls, thanks to this amazing team of a thousand volunteers that converged from 29 states of the country — gratitude to each of them. We visited every corner of our district in each of the 3 counties developing insights on the people issues and challenges. During the pandemic, we suspended…

In House, Kumar would owe nothing to PACs

As a Stanford medical student, I’m concerned about The Stanford Daily’s endorsement of Rep. Anna Eshoo. Rep. Eshoo has accepted almost $1.8 million — highest of any representative — from PACs and people affiliated with pharmaceutical companies while chairing the House Health Subcommittee; something even The Daily expressed concern with. Eshoo excused these contributions by citing her “expertise, tenure and geography”.

I don’t buy it. Big money in politics has stolen fair representation away from the average person. Rep. …

Big Money in politics is subverting the interest of the American people. It is time for change! But can we change a corrupt system by taking its money? Our democracy is undermined by the ability of special interests who buy politicians. Given how our career politicians were unprepared to address the pandemic challenges playing partisan politics, and continue to respond to the lobbyists, the drum for change is beating even harder. There is no argument: we need to overturn the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision today!

Rep. Eshoo is in her 28th year, but has only passed 4 bills…

Dear neighbors,

Earlier this year, at a city council meeting, I was calling out the flaws of the Mountain Winery development project. I was interrupted many times — not allowed to speak. Another councilmember simply called brushed aside t my views as irrelevant. Later, I was talking to a former CEO of a valley tech enterprise who resides near the Mountain Winery and had been watching. He summarized it as, “You were being treated with contempt. Worse than…” I will leave it unsaid.

Peas in a pod — but I have never had the herd mentality. Why should I follow…

Rishi Kumar, Candidate for U.S Congress CA CD18

@rishikumar1 US House candidate, CA-18 Proud Democrat, Candidate for Congress in #CA18, Saratoga City Councilmember, Hi-Tech Executive, #NoPACMoney #GND #M4A

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